Classes on Demand

To schedule for one of our classes or to create your own, please email or call 607-288-2739

Wedding Party Clutches

Gather ye bridesmaids for creating a perfect carry-all clutch in colors and fabrics that will coordinate with YOUR wedding colors. Join us at A Space to Sew for champagne and an hour long class…everyone will leave with a fully lined, zippered clutch you made together…now on to the nail salon!

Gift for the Bride and Groom

Historically, a quilt was not only a traditional wedding gift but a necessary one!  Many people believed a young woman needed many quilts for the establishment of her new home.  Quilts are an amazing way to make something as a group that is functional and can carry tremendous thought and love.  You can make the quilt using the groom’s favorite colors or the bride’s prom dress. Depending on the desired, finished size of your quilt, the project can be completed in a day or over a few weeks.

Memory Quilt

Making quilts out of your grandfather’s work shirts, your sister’s cotton blouse, or your children’s PJs can capture a special moment in time and preserve memories of a late loved one or remind you of when your little one was still little.  Depending on the desired size of your finished quilt, the class can last a day or a few weeks.

Intro to Sewing  

Want to learn to sew one-on-one with an instructor during a class scheduled at your convenience?  No problem!  Just let us know what you were hoping to make and when you want to make it…we will build a class to help you with your wildest sewing dreams!